Nom nom nom.

Oh hi! I'm a page that shows the output of the IRC NOMMER.


IRC NOMMER eats IRC messages, sends them off to's sentiment analysis API and then adds the message's score to an average for the IRC channel. The result gets sent to where it is logged, and makes these graphs.


Because a RoR developer (@donkeyscience) got ragey at the OSS community's "underhelpful" interactions on IRC. A Django developer (@stringfellow) quipped that the Django community was ace. And they felt like doing SCIENCE!!!


While this isn't quite science, it is the result of a hacky afternoon with cosm, and IRC. It's a bit of fun. We pitched #ruby-lang against #python (and some other languages)


The sentiment of each message is acquired from the chatterbox API. Then, the value is put in a fixed-sized array (20). The average value is calculated on this array, and that value is sent to cosm. When a message hits any of the rooms, for any room that has had no activity for greater than 5 minutes, a zero-value is pushed to the array, the mean calculated, and the new value sent to cosm, the 5 minute timeout is then reset (so that quiet rooms tend toward neutral).


No usernames are sent to (except where they appear in a message), or stored anywhere.


  • The sentiment values are between -1 (very negative) and 1 (very positive).
  • Due to some pretty stupid maths, the values before 2013-02-10T01:25:00 were total bullshit. Probably.
  • Sometimes the graph goes dotty cos no one has said anything, and in at least one case, because IRCNOMMER got kicked :(
  • If IRCNOMMER dies, or gets re-started, the running average is destroyed at the moment.
  • IRCNOMMER tweets once every half hour to say who's "winning".

Well… OK…

Well, below are the (updating) results, and also see @IRCNOMMER for updates on the most awesome language.

Important* languages/frameworks

Other languages/frameworks

*This is a joke.